The LPC in Moravia

The first classification of the LPC in Moravia was established by R. Tichý (Tichý 1960). He can take credit for recognizing and describing an oldest phase of the LPC, at the same time as H. Quitta in Germany. Only a few years later he published a classification of the further LPC material in Moravia (Tichý 1962). In phase I (subdivided into Ia and Ib) he summarized finds from the oldest LPC, phase II incorporated classical “music-note pottery”, and in phase III he allotted pottery of the Šárka group.

The latest chronological classification of the LPC in Moravia was recently published by Z. Čižmář (Čižmář 1998). Basically his phase I corresponds to Tichý’s phase I. He subdivided phase II into three sections; the older section IIa comprises different characteristics of the music-note pottery, the middle section IIb is supposedly marked by a “degeneration” and by first echoes of the decoration characteristic for the Šárka and the Želiezovce groups. In the youngest section IIc Želiezovce pottery occurs for the first time. Phase III finally is marked by pottery of the Šárka group. The vessels are decorated with thin incised lines which are divided by longish impressions (”barbed wire” decoration).

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