The LPC in Austria

Like the LPC in Transdanubia, the LPC in Austria is classified into three phases today (cf. for the following Lenneis 1999). The oldest phase is best researched due to large-scale excavations in Neckenmarkt and Strögen. It is also termed “pre-music-note pottery” (Lenneis/Lüning 2001). E. Lenneis demands to use the name “older LPC” since the material from the excavated but not yet published settlement of Brunn am Gebirge seems to her even older.

The next step in the LPC development in Austria is called “music-note pottery”. Maybe this phase could be classified better, however, large-scale excavations are missing. Most material is gained from rescue excavations and collections.

Beside the “classical” music-note pottery, we also find pottery attributed to the Keszthely group distributed in west Transdanubia (Lenneis 2003).

The late LPC developments in east Austria express themselves with finds from the Šárka group which reaches into Lower Austria via Moravia, and with the Želiezovce group which occurs also in Transdanubia and south-west Slovakia.

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