Trip to Bulgarian museums in March 2010

Sunday, March 14: Welcome to Winter Wonderland

Our first evening in Bulgaria! We landed in time around 12 o’clock local time. They said there might still be snow in March, and that it could still be very cold. And lo, behold, there really is snow. Snow and sun. The panorama with the snowy Vitoša mountains is great. No sign of spring, however.


Our freshly rented (well, not sooo freshly in this picture) car.

We rented a car and found our hotel with only some small detours. Lucky us, we had some printed maps, since the satnav would have directed us in the totally wrong direction.

By the way, we are parking directly in front of the hotel, in a blue zone. 1 lev a day between 8:30 and 18:30 on weekdays. Acceptable. Drawback: since there are no parking metres, you have to buy your ticket from one of the patrolling ticket sellers. If they catch you without a ticket, they put a clamp on your car. To avoid this: get up early, stand directly beside the car and wait for a ticket seller. Since we need the car only tomorrow for a little time, we buy tickets that will last us till Tuesday.

The hotel is very nice and located in the city centre (we will not tell any names of restaurants or hotels - if you want recommendations, just contact us).


Saint Sophia guards a traffic jam at the metro station in the city centre at the moment.

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