Trip to Bulgarian museums in March 2010

Monday, March 15: Hind, 12 o´clock, 50

After a successful acquisition of parking tickets (the whole dashboard is full since we bought ten 2-hour-tickets :) ) and after dealing with some administrative business, we started with our first museum. Our destination: the National Historical Museum, located at the outskirts of Sofia, directly at the southern ring road. The satnav failed us already yesterday and we only have a map of the area between the airport and the hotel. Whatever, we just go, hit or miss, southbound, until we reach that ring road. That worked almost grotesquely well, in retrospect, even in both directions. We found the museum on the first try and back to the hotel almost at the first go! And all this with everybody driving and parking wherever and however they want (we encountered a traffic circle from hell), with practically no road signs and with many streets potholed and full of dupki.

You want to know more about dupki? Well, in Bulgarian, dupka means hole. In this case, pothole. Dupki is plural for dupka, and from this, dear reader, you can gather that this is not a problem occurring in singular. As fairly experienced travellers in Bulgaria we thought we knew about dupki problems and how to go around them. Tssssss. The thing we did not take into consideration: the number of the dupki doubled due to the harsh winter, and their depth tripled. Even the large radial road to the south is always susceptible for causing sudden axle breakage. So attention! But what can we do about it? No matter, as long as everything goes as well as today, it’s ok.

The National Historical Museum; the Vitoša mountains in the back.

We knew the museum from former times. However, they changed parts of the exhibition since we were last there. In the museum you can find a selection of the most important finds of the country, as is true for the Archaeological Museum we will visit tomorrow, e. g. finds from Varna and Durankulak. So it is a must. Unfortunately the two great national museums overlap a little regarding the presented topics, so make sure to visit both. As far as Matthias is concerned, the most important exhibit can be found in front of the museum:

Clear highlight of the Istoričeski Muzej :)

We were also very successful regarding the books we could buy: for 80 leva respectively (40 euros!) we can both buy a complete set of the Izvestija na Nacionalen Istoričeski Muzej. The back seats of the Opel Corsa are already quite crammed.


Plentiful booty.

In a little while we will meet Vasil Nikolov to have dinner.

16.03.: Many finds, not much time >