Trip to Bulgarian museums in March März 2010

Tuesday, March 16: Many finds, not much time

Today there was only a short trip to the Archaeological Museum in Sofia, unfortunately. The museum is located directly across from the Presidential Palace.

The National Archaeological Museum, directly across from the...

...Presidential Palace.

Due to a private event we had to leave the museum early. Therefore, no buying of books. We will make good for this on our final day. Our first guess (we left traces of our noses and saliva at the bookshop window): we’ll need at least half of what is on display. Twice, of course. One set for Münster, one for Saarbrücken.

By the way, lunch was with our good friend Kamen Uzunov, dinner with Pepa Nedelčeva and Bogdan Athanassov from the NBU. Very nice. Tomorrow we will start our first big trip!

March 17: Dupki in the darkness >