Trip to Bulgarian museums in March 2010

Thursday, March 18: God in Plovdiv

A long day has come to an end - it was a great day! We just had lunch with Rositsa Mitkova. Before that, she gave us a tour through Plovdiv. At first, we went to Nebet Tepe, after that we visited the famous Roman sights (amphitheatre, stadion, forum etc.) that can be found all over the city. To Valeska’s joy, Rosi is fluent in Russian, so we get to stutter around in some other Slavic language for a change.

View from Nebet Tepe to the southwest.

The amphitheatre of Plovdiv.

Quite remarkable: a small shopping passage that is located at an in situ Roman road. Plovdiv is a beautiful city and quite different from Sofia in many respects. There is an actual pedestrian zone and a historic city centre. Unfortunately, the museum is closed at the moment, but thanks to Rosi we get to see some finds.

The Archaeological Museum of Plovdiv.

But first this morning we were at Pazardžik where Velika Matsanova in person guided us through the exhibition. The core of this exhibition are the finds from the excavations at Yunatsite and Rakitovo. Unfortunately there was no time to go to Yunatsite. We will have to do this in the summer :)


View from the highway to the south, somwhere between Sofia and Pazardžik.

By the way, we parked in a blue zone in Pazardžik as well. 20 stotinki more than in Sofia! :) In Plovdiv, we are currently parking on a supervised parking lot directly next to the hotel. The very luxurious hotel. We should stay here some more days.

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