Tour of Bulgarian museums in March 2010

Sunday, March 21: Home Sweet Home

First, we have to give the all-clear: the specialty yesterday turned out to be pigs’ ears. Very tasty, especially with soy sauce (a variant by Peter Leštakov :) ). Actually it was a very nice evening. It seems to be a great excavations. Let’s hope they get lucky with the weather!

We went on early in the morning, heading towards Yambol, which is like coming home for us Drama veterans. Here, we know all potholes by heart (that was what we thought - we got to know some new ones). After a successful check-in at our hotel we had lunch with our good friends Ilija Iliev and Neli Čamova. After that, we went to Drama to check on the baza (the house we use for the time of the excavation) and because of some urgent problems concerning the documentation and find analyis that could only be solved on site. And we stored all the books we bought in the house; we will pick them up in the summer.


The market place at Drama (as seen from the baza).

Unfortunately, the state of the roads and the baza has worsened during the last months. A clear (negative) highlight was a dead owl under Matthias’ desk which had found its way in but not back out again und therefore found its peace under there. It took the secret of how it managed to make such a mess in the room to its grave :) While Matthias got rid of the owl (use “shovel” with “owl”; go to “yard”), Valeska made some detail photographies of important anthropomorphic figurines. Matthias went looking for cremated bones, however, he did not find them (but we will be back for them!). All in all, the afternoon passed all too quickly. After storing the books there was no more time to take a little walk in the village, since we wanted to get back to Yambol while it was still light out. Well, and there we are now. Tomorrow we will go to Kaufland again, and then we will meet Rositsa Hristova in Karnobat; after that we will drive to Šumen.

An anecdote on the side: Matthias proved his perfect Bulgarian when he ordered not a masa (table) for two but a staya (room) for two at the pizza place :)

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