Tour of Bulgarian museums in March 2010

Monday, March 22: Across the Dupki pass

We have left Thrace. Our tour today led us through one of the most beautiful regions of Bulgaria: first to Karnobat and from there across the Riški pass to Šumen. But first we had to go shopping again, in “our” Kaufland in Yambol where we are regular customers since last summer. By the way, we bought our first chocolate Easter bunny. Ate it already.

No weapons allowed: Kaufland in Yambol.

By 11 we were at Karnobat, and, to be honest, we went there not primarily to see the museum (we’ve been there already) but to meet our good friend and co-author of this website (cf. the article about Badă Bunar), Rositsa Hristova. With her we had an official coffee :)

After that we got gas and went north, the weather being warm und truly spring-like, across the eastern foothills of the Balkans. The Riški pass leads through a magnificent landscape but the road is unfortunately full of potholes again, and you tend to overlook them easily when delving in the scenery!

In Šumen, we managed to find the hotel pronto (it is very neat again, the rooms are huge!). After a short walk through the city which has a monument or memorial at every corner, we had dinner and for the first time got to have some red wine that we had bought in Pazardžik. Music was provided by youtube. WLAN ftw :)

P.S: We are always complaining about missing road signs. However, sometimes, they give you a surprise, like here, at the outskirts of Yambol:


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