Tour of Bulgarian museums in March 2010

Wednesday, March 24: Mankind's oldest gold

In terms of archaeology, Varna is, of course, an absolute highlight of our tour. In the museum we visit in the morning, the famous finds from the Varna cemetery are on display: the clay “masks”, gold appliques, jewellery, richly decorated ceramic vessels, large flint blades, copper tools, thousands of Dentalium pearls and and and...

Beside these objects, there are also famous finds from Sava, Suvorovo, Golyamo Delčevo and the lakeshore dwellings of Ezerovo. What is more, the museum practically bursts with finds from the Thracian, Greek and Roman periods, and there are also many Medieval finds. By the way, you can make an online tour of the museum at Varna.

Finally we inflict ecstatic rapture on the lady in the book shop because we buy most of what she has (twice, for Münster and Saarbrücken).

And off we go to Dobrič!

Filled with happy optimism, we park the car in Dobrič close to the pedestrian zone and start walking. There are quite a lot of picture galleries, art museums... but no archaeological museum. No use, we have to ask for directions. People send us in one direction, then in the opposite. Out of desperation we ask the people in the picture gallery, but they only tell us that this is a picture gallery, not an archaeological museum. D’oh, we knew that, so it is no big help. Finally we get to the ethnographical-archaeological museum where they know the way. We have to go to “Old Dobrič”, a well-hidden small part of the city where houses from former centuries are still standing. In some of them, artisans are working, in others, cafés have opened... and in one of them, an archaeological collection is on display.

Finally: the archaeological museum at Dobrič.

Here, we are welcomed by Todor Dimov. He guides us through the exhibition: Chalcolithic finds from Durankulak and Draganovo but also younger objects that cover all periods till modern times. As a farewell present Todor gives us lots of books, and with these we walk a couple of miles back to our car.

Dawaj, on to Silistra! In our trucker hotel we take a small dinner. Tomorrow we will cross the border to Romania!

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