Tour of Bulgarian museums in March 2010

Friday, March 26: Involuntary vacation

Dinner yesterday at the hotel in Ruse was probably not quite ok... Anyhow, our stomachs are rebelling all night, and there is no way to eat breakfast in the morning. To be exact, there is no way for Valeska to even get up.

So bravely Matthias stumbles alone into the museum in Ruse. There he meets Dimităr Černakov who speaks fluent English and gives Matthias a tour through the exhibition. The museum features the rich finds from the Ruse tell where excavations started in 1904. The tell yielded strata from the Boian and Gumelniţa cultures. The finds are truly fantastic, there are high quality stone tools, flint knives and flint sickle blades with the antler mountings still intact; there are, of course, tons of ceramic vessels and cultic finds: anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figurines made from clay and bone, lots of miniature tables and chairs, house models and a replica of one of the few gold figurines - the original is lost.

Finds from tell Ruse inside.

Bronze Age and Iron Age finds can also be seen, not to speak of the inevitable Romans, but since Matthias feels rather groggy he skips them. Back to the hotel, where Valeska manages to maintain an upright position without having to escape to a bathroom every five minutes, and we head on. We have no choice, somehow we have to keep our schedule.

The drive to Razgrad has to be interrupted every once in a while, due to various reason. Finally we arrive at Razgrad and check in at the hotel. We are still not feeling quite well but decide to give it a try and walk to the museum. Our well-known problem strikes again: our Google plan is very vague. We walk around for a little while, ask some of the people for directions, but nobody seems to know where it is. Finally somebody points us the right way, but unfortunately it is very far, the museum is at the other end of town. We start walking but when we reach the bus terminal and there is still no museum to be seen, and, what is more, our stomachs start growling again, we decide to go back to the hotel by taxi. Small highlight: the ride is only 2 leva.

Matthias calls the museum and explains that we cannot make it. Back at the hotel we go to bed straight away and fall asleep at once. Slowly we start to feel a little better. Tomorrow, everything should be back to normal.

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