Trip to Bulgarian Museums in March 2010

Sunday, March 28: Pli-Pla-Pleven in the ri-ra-rain

It is Sunday evening, we are sitting in our hotel in Pleven, enjoying some red wine. Actually, that’s about it for today :)

Originally we wanted to visit the museums in Loveč and Pleven. After a detour to Gabrovo (reason: a closed road between Veliko Tărnovo and Loveč) we finally found the place in Loveč where the museum is located. However, the whole city centre was full of people celebrating Palm Sunday, and the museum was closed. So we had to postpone the visit to tomorrow. Earlier than planned we went on to Pleven.

However, the museum in Pleven was closed as well (Rabotno vreme: Tu-Sa), so, we spent a peaceful afternoon at the hotel. Walking around in the city seems to be a bad idea, it is raining cats and dogs, therefore, we spent the rest of the day actually looking at all the books we bought for the first time. The highlight of the day was lunch that we are digesting right now.

Tomorrow morning we have to go back to Loveč (we will meet Maja Valentinova at 9) before going back north towards the Danube (Oryahovo). Vratsa is scheduled for Tuesday morning. Due to the postponed visit in Loveč, there is no way to fit the museum in Pleven into our program. Unfortunately we will miss it completely. Here, the finds from Teliš-Redutite are on display. Too bad!

March 29: Suč a nice town >