Trip to Bulgarian museums in March 2010

Monday, March 29: Suč a nice town

Today, we were at Loveč at first, where we learned that there is no actual archaeological exhibit. However, there is a small exhibition in the building holding the mineralogical collection, and it was great!

The mineralogical museum at Loveč - with finds from the Devetaki cave on display.

Here are mainly finds from the Devetaki cave and from Bežanovo, among them some dating to the late and final Chalcoltihic. Great, the finds are not stored in glass cases but can be touched just like that. Maja Valentinova showed us some more finds from Bežanovo in the museum’s depot and also some figurines, again mainly from the Devetaki cave. The depot is located in the very beautiful historical city centre of Loveč, dating to the time of the Bulgarian Renaissance, south of the river Osăm which is spanned by a very nice canopied pedestrian bridge. To all who are interested, there is also a Levski museum.

After that we make our way back to Pleven and on, to the north, a second and last time to the Danube, more precisely to the city of Oryahovo lying picturesquely at the steep Danube shore. We went there (into the smallest of all museums we visited) mainly because of the fragment of an early Bronze Age figurine that can be linked to Thessaly, which was found at Kaleto. Denica Petrova was very friendly to show us not only the museum but also some of the finds not on display of this location. It is remarkable that there seems to be lots of Bronze Age material in the region around Oryahovo but only very little Chalcolithic.

The weather got better and better in the course of the morning, so we had a magnificent view across the Danube to Romania. In contrast to the Bulgarian shore, the Romanian side is flat as a pancake:

View from Oryahovo across the Danube towards Romania.

Thanks to the great weather and the beautiful landscape it was relaxed driving, although we had to go 210 km today (also due to the detour to Loveč), one of the longest legs during our tour.

Vratsa’s central place, view to the south.

Well, and there we are now in Vratsa. Our first impression: wow! Without wanting to belittle the other cities we saw, Vratsa is probably one of the most beautiful due to its location at the foot of the Balkans, even more so since the spring weather is absolutely gorgeous and the hotel and the restaurant as well. For the second time we had a Suč for dinner, a mixed dish with meat and vegetables served directly in a pan or pot. We also took a walk in the park. It was really a great completion of our tour. Tomorrow we will visit the museum and then head back to familiar Sofia.

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