Trip to Bulgarian museums in March 2010

Tuesday, March 30: What goes around comes around

There we are again. Back in Sofia, back in our old hotel. It has been only two weeks since we were here, but it seems like a small eternity to us. So much happened since then!

Tomorrow, we were in Vratsa in the museum, were we were welcomed by Georgi Ganecovski. The collection of the museum holds really great Chalcolithic finds - early and late Chalcolithic. After seeing the exhibition, we were even allowed to browse through the digital archive of the museum, where all finds are documented as pictures in a data base. How many? Well, regarding the fact that all the finds from places like Krivodol and Gradešnica are in that data base - a lot!

Full of Krivodol - the Historical Museum at Vratsa.

After our obligatory buying of books we left Vratsa and started our last part of the tour that took us back over the Balkans to Sofia. Nothing special about that, the road is good, mainly the last part is well-kept.

So there we are. The car is filled up with gas, we just have to drop it off tomorrow. We were not so lucky concerning the parking in the blue zone. All spaces are occupied, therefore we are parked on a crammed supervised parking lot. Let’s hope we manage to get out there tomorrow! We still have to go back to the Archaeological Museum to buy books. And after that, back home. We have to leave for the airport no later than 11 :(

March 31st: After the trip is before the trip >