Trip to Bulgarian museums in March 2010

Wednesday, March 31st: After the trip is before the trip

Back in Germany. The flight was a little delayed, so we had to rush everything in Frankfurt to catch our trains. Matthas’ way home was blocked by a tree that had fallen onto the rails during a hail storm. Well, better on the rails than on the train.

Flying high...

Well, and so we are back home. Toooooooooo bad!!!! A really awesome journey has come to an end. Tomorrow, we were at the Archaeological Museum and bought books for 179 Leva in all. Fortunately we were allowed to store all the books we have bought since Drama in the Institute (thanks again to Vassil Nikolov!). Otherwise we would have needed a carriage donkey, not to mention the fees for the luggage! We will get the books in the summer, when we will be travelling by car.

One Donkey Power would have been helpful for transporting the books.

So the date for our next journey to Bulgaria is already fixed. We will be returning to Drama in August. Matthias will even come before that, during his vacation. Been there once, been there again! :)

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